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After having finished watching all the Antigravity Cat cartoons, I feel like this is the best one. It carries the joke to a new bizarre level without necessarily being inaccessible to new audiences. The premise of a cat opting to float on the ceiling is fantastically amusing- they'd be that snide. And the piss even works out funny enough. That said, I feel like either the "trilogy" should be complete, or future series installments will need to move on from the piss joke and start doing other things with the antigravity premise.

Finally, it moves very cleanly and sounds very good. The simple art style is likely to thank for that, but it's still made better for the nuanced animation.

Carbonwater responds:

Thanks man. :)

Nicely animated, decently voiced, with an solid ending.

The problem is that it doesn't feel focused to me. It seems to know what it wants, but the actual product doesn't reflect such focus, instead stumbling from one joke to the next with a good sense of humor but seemingly no idea how to reach those jokes rationally.

Either way, it's certainly nothing to scoff at, and even if I felt like the writing was shaky, the production otherwise is not. Nicely done.

Fully entertaining. Really fulfilled the song and its contents in a delightful way. In fact, before this, I had no interest in Flight Of The Conchords. So it's a success in multiple senses.

Steinberg responds:

Nice! I'm glad I was able to make people interested in them.

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Two years later I still find myself coming back to this lean, mean title. It's stripped down, cleaned up, looks good, and plays great. Even with its mostly minimalist design, it's still an enormously compelling title that probably should have earned much more in the way of recognition.

Nerdcubed brought this to my attention, and frankly it is AWESOME. The music doesn't grate on you, the controls are simple and effective, the gore is hilarious and slight, and overall it's plainly fucking FUN.

Well done.

The collaborative element helps to keep each animation fresh and interesting. While not all of them are winners, most of them have been clever, entertaining, and even funny. It's only day 12, so I'm definitely coming back. Nicely done, everyone.

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Fuzzy is right.

It alternates between tickling my ears with bass and having just soft enough notes that I second guess if I'm hearing them right. It's fascinating and catchy and something I can chill out to.


I like it, generally... But it feels kind of... off. I don't wanna say half-assed. Half-assed is not it. Just not done right.

I love it

I've been recently giving a lot of attention to dubstep, and this is a great example of what I've been seeking- a dense not bass-heavy notes with a good rhythm I can get lost in.

My only complaint is I wish it were longer. But then again, it's a silly complaint. Still a great piece. =)

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Once again I revert to my old motto

Real pokemon would be absolutely fuckin' horrifying. Amazing art, Archir.

"Everybody" needs to bugger off

I think Wendy's awesome. The Lois to Sal's Peter.



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